Week 8 - Indicate, don't state.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hofmann

Turns out my painting and I still had a lot to say to one another.

It was a conversation I was happy to continue. Like greeting an old friend I hadn't seen for a while, picking up the story from where we left off.

Spring Awakening, Acrylic on cradled board, 30"w x 40"h

But things don't always go smoothly in the studio. Paintings can be fickle things, and Spring Awakening did have its moments. While painting, there were times when I hit a dead end, or a block. Where I questioned my colour choices, placement, and values. Make or break moments.

I now have a way to get past the uncertainty, to try out different solutions without over working my painting. I make edits with Procreate. I'll take a photo of the painting I'm working on with my iPad and then open the photo in Procreate. If you've never tried this "art studio in your hand", I highly recommend it. It's an easy, intuitive program that allows you to rework your painting digitally. You can then take your solution to the actual work. 


I was not happy with my colour choices in the foreground.

So, I reworked the colours in Procreate. The changes are made right on my reference photo within the program. I can then save and print out the changes.

Spring Awakening with colour changes to painting.


Atlantic Regional Representative for SCA

I'm very happy to say, I've been made the Atlantic Regional Representative for the Society of Canadian Artists. So, over the next two years I will be providing general assistance to SCA members in the Atlantic Region regarding SCA activities and services, promoting SCA, and recommending possible SCA sponsored regional exhibitions. Make your Mark and apply for SCA Elected Membership.  


It Actually Worked!

I read about things on the internet, and hope there's some truth to it. Sometimes, yes... sometimes, no. Well, I'm very happy to say that the solution for paint water I talked about in an earlier blog works! In fact, it works amazingly! I bought a 3.5 gallon bucket with lid from our local hardware store. (I paint a lot, so the 1 gallon seemed small). Over the past few weeks I've been dumping my paint water, varnish, and gesso water into it. The other day I added the active ingredients to separate the paint solids from the water, and voila! It's like magic. Now I just have to strain the water and solids through a large coffee filter. The clear water is safe for disposal, and the paint solids will be captured in the filter, and put in the trash. 

My nasty 3.5 gallons of paint water. 

Almost immediately you can see the paint solids start to clump together when the active ingredients are added.

See how clear the water is once the paint solids are settled on the bottom of the pail.

Find more info and link to a video on this process in my Week 3 Blog.



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