Week 3 - To Jury, or be Juried, that is the Question...

It's such an honour to be asked to jury an art show. This week, I had the pleasure of being one of the jurors for Pastel Artists Canada's 10th Annual Members Online Exhibition. Technology is pretty slick. I looked through 200 entries right from the comfort of my home. This made the process easier, but with the extraordinary work these artists created, it wasn't easy to make a decision. Two other jurors are also judging the entries. We are currently in the process of narrowing it down to 1st, 2nd and 3rd, plus 5 Honourable Mentions. Make sure you check out the show when the Exhibition comes online February 1st. www.pastelartists.ca

Being juried isn't for the faint of heart... on the flip side, I entered one of my paintings into a juried show. The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Open Call at the mall galleries in London, UK. WHAT?? I know, right?! I'm mostly a landscape painter, but the landscape of the face intrigues me as well. Do I have a chance? Dunno, but you'll never know if you don't try. I'll let you know how it goes...

Finished my new 36"x36" acrylic this week. It's a beaut, Rhythm of the South Shore V. This lovely was painted over the "do-over" from the previous week. I'm totally getting into mark making. It's so much fun to indicate, not state. This painting will be available from Cranston Gallery.

Rhythm of the South Shore V, 36"x36" acrylic on cradled board. Framed.

Here's an in situ of the painting...

Eco Artist. I've been wondering lately about, what is the best way to dispose of acrylic paint wastewater. Putting it down the sink just doesn't seem right, not only the pipes, but for the environment. I have found a solution. I will be collecting my paint wastewater in a 3 gallon bucket. Once it's full, I'll use both aluminium sulphate and hydrated lime to separate the solids from the water. Science baby! Pour the water/solids through a coffee filter into a second container, and voila, clear water that you can pour down the sink. The sludge/solids collected in the coffee filter can then be put in your regular garbage. I'll probably need to do this process once a month based on the amount of painting I do. Check out this awesome video on the whole process. A fish will thank you. 



  • Thanks Janet!

    Sharon Fox Cranston
  • Hi Helen, No you can’t reuse the pigment. It ends up as a big grey pile of sludge.

    Sharon Fox Cranston
  • Hi Anne, I will post the portrait once I know if I’m in or not…

    Sharon Fox Cranston
  • Would love you to post your portrait on the blog.
    Glad to hear you and Gallery are still going forward!
    Very interesting solution to the acrylic sludge! Good tips!

    Anne Wedler
  • Interesting idea. Can you reuse the captured pigment?


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