Week 7 - Are We Still Talking?

When your palette looks better than the painting...


I love my process of moving through a painting. The idea, sketching and blocking in, of getting values down, creating a story, adding the feel of motion. It's at this point, once the canvas has been covered, and the composition realized, the painting and I start "talking" to each another. It's a silent communication. I can see where the painting is, and at the same time, see where it's going. At this point, place and time disappear. All is great, unless, I have to step away from my easel, desert my work, break the connection, the flow, the talk.

I'm heading back into my studio tomorrow after 3 days of other commitments. Will my painting still be "talking" to me? Will I be able to start again, renew the relationship? I hope so. Often if I'm taken away from a painting mid way through, I loose it's direction, it's mojo. I can try to get it back, work through it, but if it's gone, it's gone. In my experience, it's better to gesso than to waste time in trying to reconnect to a work that isn't "speaking" to me anymore.


In progress.
Will we be on "speaking" teams again, or is it adios amigo?

Gallery Representation

I'm very excited to let you know that I've been offered representation from the Paula White Diamond Gallery in Waterloo, Ontario. PWD Art Gallery is known as a valuable resource of original fine art since 2007. Look for some of my landscape paintings at their location in the coming months.

Fundy Coast Glass

One of the downsides of moving is leaving friends behind. I've had the pleasure of living right across Canada, and in so, have developed some wonderful friendships with other artists right across the country. 

Over the weekend Guy and I had the pleasure of spending time with Caroline Shuttle and her partner Arlene Wilkinson here in Lunenburg. We first met Caroline and Arlene in Prince Edward County, ON. 

Now, to say Caroline is a Glass Whisperer is an understatement. She is a master of all things glass, and an award winning artist working with light, colour and form. She has started up her magic again in St. John, NB, where they moved three years ago. You can check out her beautiful glass sculptures and windows on her website.


  • Hi Jayne, I suggest you take that painting off your easel, and lean it up, face in, against a wall for a while. Then put a nice new canvas on your easel and let loose! Then, later turn that painting back around and have a look. If it excites you to continue, go for it. If not, get out the gesso…

    Sharon Cranston
  • Hi Judith, We have been conversing all week. In fact, I can get it to shut up now and let me finish…

    Sharon Cranston
  • Ted, you quack me up…

    Sharon Cranston
  • Sometimes a good coat of gesso is all that can be done. But I like to think I have given it the old college try. I have a duck carving that I started in 1991…I hope it will be open at least to having a brief conversation one of these days 😂

    Ted Wilkins
  • I hope it continues a dialogue with you – I like it.


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