Week 6 - Mini Me

Now that the gallery is up and running for the 2023 season, I'm on duty there each Saturday and Sunday. So, although working the gallery takes me away from my easel, it does give me an opportunity to do accounting and update the gallery webpage. These jobs would otherwise keep sliding down my list of things to do... they're so left brain! 

In the Studio this Week

I continued painting the larger version of Low Light. It was a lot of fun, and to quote Harry Potter, "I knew I could do it, because I'd already done it". I'm a big believer of thumbnails and colour studies. My best work starts with a plan. I find working off of a small painting that is already realised is a liberating experience. If the painting "works" small, it's going to work in the big. The "extra room" to expand on colour and value within the larger painting keeps the work fresh. The two will be more fraternal than identical twins in the end.

Mini Me... 12" square to 36" square...

Low Light II - 36"x36" Acrylic on cradled board.


More Workshop News!

If you're looking for an East Coast artist getaway, get ready! I've just confirmed a week long acrylic workshop at the Lunenburg School of the Arts in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The workshop will run from July 17th to 21st. All level of artists welcome. For more information, contact the school at https://lunenburgarts.org/


Update on Juried Show...

If you've been reading my blogs, you'll remember that in week three, I let you know I had entered a painting into The Royal Society of Portrait Painters International competition at the Mall Galleries, London, UK. I just got my rejection notice the other day... 

Now, I've had my fair share of rejection letters in my art career, and this one wasn't really a surprise. I like the idea of playing around with portraiture, and this gives me a good place to start. I'll try again with the Brits next year. But in the meantime, I'm entering the same painting into the Portrait Society of America's 25th Annual International competition. In case anyone is interested, you have until Feb. 20th to enter. I'll let you know how it goes...

"Rejection is more valuable than inaction. All that I have learned until now has been because of rejections. Inaction didn't teach me a thing." ~ Neeraj Agnihotri





  • Hey Nancy, that’s a great challenge! Nicholas Wilton is a big believer of showing up BIG for your art, and that includes submitting your work to illustrious international competitions as well as the show down the street.

    Sharon Fox Cranston
  • Enjoying your newsletters. This week’s is right on the mark with a challenge of 10 possible rejections in the first 6 months of 2023 from a group I belong to. Rally on! Good work and thanks again for the encouraging words.

    Nancy Collins

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