Week 35 - Puppy Love

We have a new puppy.

A little girl Corgi has entered our lives. After driving 2,800 km over the past 6 days to pick Lily up, were are indeed smitten.

Miss Lily

I didn't get much of a chance to work on any art this week. I was however, horrified by the millions of tent caterpillar nests we saw on our drive. From Parsboro up to Amherst in Cumberland County, it was biblical. 

Art can be inspired by many things and emotions. Repulsion is legit. It inspired this very bad poem... I'm not a writer, although I'd like to be, and I'm working on it... Illustration was done on my iPad using Procreate. I enjoyed writing it much more than experiencing it.

What inspired you this week?

First day back in my art studio since last weekend. Guy is at the gallery. I was wondering how this puppy thing would go. So far, so fantastic! As I'm writing this blog, my girl is catching up on her 16-18 hours of puppy sleep. Sleep, sleep, poop, sleep.

Lily's first day as my art studio muse. Asleep on the job.


I have to go now... there's a puppy...


Until next week.


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  • She is perfect. Enjoy

    Lezlie morgan

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