Week 2 - Life Happens While You're Making Plans...

The Biggest News of the Week  We've decided Cranston Gallery will remain a destination on Lunenburg's "Gallery Row" for the next couple of years. Oh yes... a full-time artist and gallery owner once again. What's that saying about busy people? Or, that big ol' rolling stone? No moss on me, baby! I'm truly happier and more productive when I'm busy. Weird not weird... So, if you're lucky enough to find yourself in Lunenburg, NS, drop in to Cranston Gallery to say "Hi".

Cranston Gallery Storefront

I've been busy in the studio this week as well. The 24'x24" acrylic, which I offered a sneak peek of last week, is done. This painting is all about pattern, value, colour, and mark making.

Tidal Rhythm - 24"x24" acrylic on cradled board.

The second of my acrylic paintings destined for the Square Foot Show in February is complete as well. The Fall is one of my favourite seasons. Colours become warmer, more saturated. Perfect when you're a Colourist at heart.

Warm Regards - 12"x12" on canvas.

I totally love the process of painting. The stages of completion. Starting new work is still exciting to me after all these years. 

Sketching out the composition, and laying down the underpainting on this new 36"x36" acrylic on Thursday. I often get asked, why do I use orange/gold/reddy warm tones in my underpainting? Three reasons; "Orange is a friend to green", Richard McKinnley, "Hot paintings sell", Mike Svob, and it's what Tom Thompson generally used under his plein air work. Learn from the Masters.

New brushes!! I love new brushes. I picked up this baby at DeSerres in Halifax. I've been waiting for a big ol' painting to try it out on. It's specifically for fluid or high-flow acrylics. Love. It lays down colour like nobody's business. Blocking in can be fun, who knew? Next time I'm in town, I'm picking up another one... totally recommended.

This 2" brush is awesome. 

Sneak peek detail of the new 36"x36".

Frames - I have a number of smaller 1" thick canvases I purchased for painting and teaching workshops. Great to paint on, the downside being, you really need to frame these paintings. So, this past week I was on a mission to find good, reasonably priced, black floating frames. I found them at MatShop.ca You have to purchase a minimum of 6 frames in whatever size you're ordering, for me, this isn't an issue as I tend to bulk-buy canvases. 14"x10" @ $29. each, and 16"x12" @ $31.65 each. MatShop also sells regular frames, mats, supplies, etc. Check them out, Canadian company out of BC. Reasonable shipping rates too.

Bye for now, from rain/freezing rainy Lunenburg.

I need a cup of tea...





  • Hi Margaret, If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in Lunenburg, drop by our gallery to say “Hi”!

    Sharon Fox Cranston
  • Great blog Sharon. We think similar thoughts.
    Glad you discovered the Matshop. We have dealt with them for a few years now and been pleased with their products and frames.

    Anne Wedler
  • Thanks for the recommendation, it is always good to hear about great Canadian companies. We are very excited, we will be making our first trip to Eastern Canada this summer

  • Hi Sharon. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. I appreciate the information that you are providing about the painting experience, as well as your sharing your progress on your recent paintings. Also, nice to hear that you are keeping the gallery open and I hope that means you will continue to teach classes.
    Looking forward to next Sunday’s

    Norma Kennedy
  • I love to hear the details of your process, Sharon, all the hows and the whys. And your productivity is always heartening! Congrats on the decision to stay!

    Tricia Snell

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