Week 17 - Home Sweet Studio

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

– Anne Lamott.


Travel can Ignite Change

I've often heard people say, going away on vacation can ignite change and point them in a new direction upon their return. This travel "phenomenon" has impacted me in the past. But not so much this trip.

I can assume it means one of two things... I'm good where I'm at, or, I'm tapped out of moving in new directions... or both, or neither.

I'm tired. Jet lag is a thing for me now. When I was younger, it wasn't a problem. But, I came to a conclusion during this trip that slowing down isn't a bad thing, it's just not the popular "thing" these days. And if pressed, that's the change that floated through my mind during our time away. To slow down, take time to stop and smell the roses. Instead of being driven, (in life), I'm ready to stroll...

Self Portrait by Rembrandt 

I had the opportunity to get really up close and personal with some major works of art at the Wallace Collection in London. Masterpieces by Rembrandt, Van Dyke, and Gainsborough. Inches from, no glass, alone in a room with, type of "up close and personal". Magic and moving.

What did I think of when looking at these paintings? I thought of how these artists didn't have to photo and post their work to Facebook and Instagram everyday. They didn't have to manage webpages, make reels, get likes, or paint in tube tops... They didn't have to produce, produce, produce. Heck, Rembrandt only completed 600 paintings in his life. I did 100 paintings in 100 days last winter. I'm not saying Rembrandt was a slacker, what I'm saying is, he had time. Time to paint well, masterfully. That's what I want.

Time. Time to explore, experiment, to go deep into the creative process of each painting. It's time to slow down life's pace. Smell some roses.

 My Type of Souvenirs 

When I travel, I like to pick up interesting "souvenirs" to bring home. This latest trip wasn't any different. I was able to pick up a book of portraiture at the filming of, "Portrait Artist of the Year", and had the gaul to go up to all three of the jurors of the program to ask for their autographs. What nice, wonderful people they were. 

The other great thing I brought home was a LAMY fountain pen for sketching. I've always wanted one. What's cool in London are the specialty stores. Because of the massive population in the city, it's a smart business practice to specialise. I picked up my pen at "Choosing Keeping", a store that's all about writing, pens, paper, journals, and inks located in the borough of Camden. Every time I use it, I will be reminded of our wonderful trip.


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  • We are the ones that dictate our pace in this life. As we get older (ooops, wiser) we learn to slow down and enjoy more. Enjoy!!

    Gretchen Amirault

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