New Year, New Directions

After 15 years of running our bricks and mortar gallery, Cranston Gallery, Guy and I have decided to “retire” from the gallery business. We are excited about the ability to now spend 100% of our time creating, experimenting, and developing our artwork. It’s been a wonderful journey that has taken us from Ontario to Nova Scotia. We have both been busy finding other wonderful galleries to show our work, here in Nova Scotia, and across Canada. You will still be able to see our latest work, and get info on where to find it, at

Because this is a new chapter, I ‘m starting a weekly blog Jan. 1/23, “Life of a Full Time Artist”. I will be documenting my process, challenges, work, what I’ve learned and aha moments. Join me for the adventure!

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  • Thanks for sending the link Sharon. Look forward to following to where you are now and forward through 2023!

    Kathryn Morris Trainor

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